At Thomas Johnson we know that the kitchen is the heart of your home.  You don’t need to look to far into our showroom to see that.  Blending cutting edge design with the highest quality of materials we can help create an extraordinary space for your new home.  We offer custom bespoke made cabinetry where only your imagination, or better yet only our designers imaginations, will be the limiting factor.   Luxurious cabinetry can be designed for any room of your home.  We offer amazing solutions not only for just closets but bathrooms, closets, bars and any other room of your home. 

Our cabinets are different from most others in the marketplace today.  We believe in the traditional cabinetmaker values that a cabinet should be built once and last forever.  In a world that is becoming more cognoscente of its actions, we are on the forefront of being green and using responsible practices in our construction process.  We only use the latest in hardware from Germany, sustainable materials from North America and Europe and zero VOC paint and stains.  The end result is a product that is not only beautiful but also one that will last forever, is healthy and environmentally friendly. 

We pride ourselves on not only elegant design but also being conscious of costs.  Please come in today to visit our amazing showroom and have one of our designers start your next cabinetry project.  We know you will be amazed.