Thomas Johnson is proud to display and sell exclusively Wolf and Subzero appliances, along with Asko dishwashers.  We fell that quality cannot be sacrificed when it comes to the appliances in your home.  As a result we have partnered with Wolf and Subzero to provide you the highest quality appliances in the marketplace.  Our showroom features two live and functioning kitchens.  This allows you to see and try both the induction and gas cooktops to experience the difference before you buy. 

Most homeowners might be satisfied getting several years of service out of an appliance. Sub-Zero has always set its sights higher. Their products are built in American facilities, where they can control every step of the manufacturing process. The materials are premium grade, the technologies state of the art, and the craftsmanship of the highest caliber. Products are subjected to lab testing under extreme environmental conditions. Every component of every product is tested before assembly, then each finished product is tested for reliability before shipping.

Over the years, the legendary reliability of Sub-Zero appliances has given our customers the confidence to invest not merely in a kitchen that meets their needs, but one that fulfills their highest aspirations in both function and design, and brings them a lifetime of satisfaction. They pioneered the dual refrigeration system, which relies on two separate, self-contained cooling systems to keep fresh food fresher and preserve frozen food longer. Even developed an air filtration system inspired by NASA technology that scrubs the air of ethylene gas, which hastens food spoilage, and also reduces odors by removing bacteria, mold and viruses. The very doors on a Sub-Zero refrigerator are special, with seals so secure that even after power outages of multiple days, owners report no thawing of their frozen foods.

The company lives by its founders favorite saying, “If you build a quality product you will have a customer for life” What he didn’t realize is that his products would be so good they would last for the lifetime of a customer.  We are proud to assist you in the planning of your appliance purchase.